State-of-the-art technology is the
epitome of our laboratory

KN Nutrition currently has been already working with distributers closely in the Brazilian market and is working on expanding out to more Southern American and Caribbean countries along with stepping into the North American market already with a steady flow of success.

KN Nutrition has a unique way of helping in the distribution department when it comes to other countries that have a none distribution policy in United States. Which helps with maintaining a better wholesale price so our distributers can have the benefits they need and not have to fight over others importing the brands from other stores in USA, making
KN Nutrition a brand that makes sense in investing with.

KN Nutrition
has also registered the brand and names in a way that is to protect our customers, distributors and ourselves from counterfeiting.
Of which includes specific packaging, sealing and overall product presentation.

KN Nutrition is and has always been developed in Baes Nutrition Labs, where we have all the equipment we need to manufacture, in record time, a complete line up. From fully automatic capsule and tablet machines to an automatic packaging line ready to do over 10,000 bottles a day in a 10 hour shift. Our runs are constant, low cost and to the highest level of efficiency in order to maintain the quality of the raw materials we always use.

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