For the people who may not know what a pre workout product is let’s start off by saying that they are definitely a very fundamental tool for people who want to increase their performance in training while at the gym. Let’s be honest, we don’t just go to the gym to stare at people and spend time somewhere that isn’t our home or our job; we go to the gym to train. Plain and simple. So increasing our performance while we are in the gym is something the large majority of people I’m sure would agree is very important. The primary uses of a pre workout product is specifically provide a boost in energy which then helps the user be able to both lift more weight and for longer periods of time however there are other smaller uses for taking a pre workout, like helping to increase blood flow to the muscles being worked through vasodilation and another smaller but just as important use is increasing mental awareness/focus. Now why would you want those last 2 things in a pre workout product? Why not just stay with something that’ll increase your energy and then go train? Well you see once you combine vasodilation, increased mental awareness/focus AND a boost in energy you end up with a trifecta of powerful effects that will help you recruit more muscle fibers with increased effectiveness, better blood and nutrient delivery to the muscle sites and with a energy boost that further enhances your training experience.

The Science Behind It

In pre workouts those effects can be achieved by using the following: Citrulline, Betaine, Beetroot, Bioperine and Caffeine. For vasodilation effects we are going to go directly into the Citrulline and Beetroot ingredients but first..why? Why do I or better yet YOU want vasodilation effects in your pre workout products? You see when training our muscle sites collect ammonia alongside a bunch of other negative chemicals that are naturally produced by our bodies and our bodies make a real solid effort in clearing that for us. What if you can better that…Take Citrulline and Beetroot which has been shown to boost nitric oxide levels which in turn causes vasodilation and fresh blood/nutrients can get in to our muscles significantly easier plus Citrulline actually has a direct role in the removal of ammonia from our blood. The more nutrients and fresh blood we can get into those muscles the better they can perform when training. Betaine on the other hand is a nifty ingredient that is actually quite helpful since it has been shown to be positive in digestion process and in liver processes so that the previously consumed Citrulline and Beetroot can get absorbed completely by the body when in the gut. Now onto the next ingredient: Bioperine. The kicker is that Bioperine has the following 2 effects that finish off our chain of vasodilation. Bioperine increases blood supply to the gut and also increases the active nutrient transport in our blood so that now your blood can even carry more nutrients to help fuel your training. Our last ingredient is going to be good old reliable Caffeine for the boost in energy and mental awareness/focus to finish off and wrap up the effects we want in a pre workout product.


Now you see that trifecta of uses and effects can either be found by combining different separate products into your shaker cup like some kind of muscular gym chemist or by looking into KN Nutrition’s pre workout product line, which is composed of both a stim containing and stim free options: Kryptonite & Pump It. Additionally this freedom of choice with stim vs non stim just simply makes KN Nutrition an excellent choice for all kinds of people. Here at KN Nutrition we know not everyone can benefit from a high stim containing pre workout hence the stim free option “Pump It” that provides all the benefits you will want without containing a high stim content but for those who do want a high stim experience we provide you with “Kryptonite” which caters more to our high stim lovers out there. We here at KN Nutrition know not every single athlete has the same life experience so we aim to provide you with varied options to ensure you are always having the perfect product to maximize your results in the gym.