At some point in our lives we all have experienced what a good night filled with amazing sleep and a poor night coupled with trouble falling asleep, constant wake ups and ending up in the morning feeling horrible and perhaps worse than the day before. What if I tell you that there is 1 supplement that has countless research studies backing it up, completely natural and safe on top of being effective every single time just like the first time. Something you can trust to help your sleep and is easily supplemented so you can pair it with your current supplementation regime without hassle. On top of all this, this supplement is also completely natural, non-addictive for short term and long term use and safe. Even your own body has it already inside working but to a much smaller scale which is why supplementing it can improve your sleep and health quality.

Science Behind It

Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by your pineal gland inside your brain and is responsible for regulating your body’s circadian rhythm to manage your natural sleep cycle. On top of it’s sleep improving capabilities it has been shown to manage immune functions, control cortisol levels and with it’s antioxidant benefits it has also been shown to improve eye health. All of this makes melatonin not just a sleep aid supplement but an important health supplement with it’s biggest key benefit being sleep improvement. Why is sleep improvement considered it’s key benefit?? Especially when it has all of these other previously stated benefits..Well sleep as we may know is one of the most important body functions that without proper quality sleep our health can seriously take a hit and decrease drastically. Not just in training performance for athletes but across the board, reduced sleep quality has been shown to have drastic adverse effects on people’s health to the point that it can put you in danger of health issues. Being able to ensure quality sleep every night is up there next to maintaining a healthy daily nutritional diet. You can find melatonin supplements with all kinds of quality levels and ranging from all kinds of dosages from 0.5mg to 10mg but here at KN Nutrition we offer the following options: 3mg, 5mg and 10mg melatonin tablets.


So if you find yourself needing to improve your sleep and overall health then get yourself KN Nutrition’s Melatonin supplements and get a goodnight’s sleep so you are feeling your best and can train, go to work and spend time with family and friends without feeling tired or needing more sleep. Go ahead and do it, Empower Yourself!