We sat down recently with a new KN Nutrition athlete for a conversation and we would like to introduce you to her. Her name is Marcela Machado Moura, she's 36 years old and is from Brazil. She began training at the young age of 16 but has competed and trained competitively for 2 of those years only for a total of 20 years training which is impressive on its own. She has also earned a 1st place place finish in the WBFF Brazil 2019 Amateur Bikini Fitness 35+ and a 2nd place finish in Bikini Fitness Open. Currently competing in the Open Fitness Bikini Category and 35+ WBFF Federation. Additionally here are a few more things that she spoke to us about in our conversation.

Give us a small intro about yourself.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro. I am a law graduate however I have not practiced it. I worked for almost 10 years at night as an electronic music DJ and played both in Brazil and abroad. I decided to compete in 2019 and became a professional athlete in the first WBFF championship. Today I work as a digital influencer in the fitness community, I am a weight loss coach and a nutrition student. I practice boxing as a hobby, I love to travel, I am crazy about the beach and I love to learn and try out different cuisines from around the world.

What first got you into the gym initially? Did a friend introduce you into it, maybe a family member? What influenced you to first set foot in a gym?

I always enjoyed partaking in physical exercise. I did practically all kinds of sports as a child, from dancing to football. I started training bodybuilding only for aesthetics, but when I met my trainer Alessandra Pinheiro my vision of bodybuilding changed and the desire to compete and the passion for bodybuilding came from under her influence.

What was your initial motivation when you began training and going to the gym?

Initially I was only looking for weight loss.

What is your favorite thing about the gym? Perhaps a specific goal with strength or health goals, etc?

I love the feeling of pleasure that exercise provides.

For someone who is considering going to the gym for the first time ever, what are 3 tips you would give them that you would have liked to have known yourself when you first began?

Be patient, persist and don't give up that the result will come.

How does KN Nutrition empower you?

KN is wonderful gives me all the support I need to optimize my results.

What does training mean to you?

Training for me is quality of life!

What is the KN Nutrition product line or specific product that benefits you the most and you think provides a big help for other possible athletes?

I love all supplements but my favorites have to be Oxy, Repel in addition to Whey, Creatine and Glutamine are essentials for me at least.