Obesity is not simply an aesthetic problem, it is actually the most frequent metabolic disease in the Western world and carries a series of consequences on our body.

Pathologies associated 

Overweight is associated with insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus, this being a pathology that generates multiple sequelae in the body over the years, including circulatory problems, amputations, blindness, predisposition to infections, kidney failure and cerebrovascular accidents.

The accumulation of adipose tissue, particularly in the abdomen, also contributes to cardiovascular disease, through the secretion of free fatty acids and pro-inflammatory substances into the blood.

Obesity accelerates the process of arteriosclerosis (accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries), which predisposes to heart attacks. Likewise, the increase in body surface area increases the workload on the heart, generating loss of contractile capacity or heart failure.

Overweight on the other hand, causes greater wear and injury of the joints, in addition to the fearful sleep apnea, a disease in which the weight compresses the heart and lungs, causing snoring, respiratory distress and even death.

As if that were not enough, obesity increases the possibility of varicose veins, because due to weight, the veins distend and twist, deforming their valves. It also causes a higher incidence of mycosis or fungi in the skin due to moisture accumulated between the skin folds.

Cancer and Obesity

It is important to emphasize that obesity is a risk factor for certain types of cancer, without counting the social, labor and psychological repercussions that it generates in patients.

Prevent consequences.

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